2 Hour Design Consultation

$225 USD

Level of difficulty

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Price range of products

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  • Questionnaire


  1. All design projects begin with a consultation, which is the stepping stone for creating your dream spaces with Canter Lane. Once purchased, you will be able to select a time that works for YOUR schedule, and book conveniently online. Once you have purchased the consult, proceed to step 2.

  2. Questionnaire. Make sure to fill out the online questionnaire provided so that we can get a few necessary details before your consultation.

  3. Time to BOOK your appointment! Once you have purchased your consult and filled out the questionnaire, click on the 'appointments' tab, and you will have the option of selecting your date and preferred time. That's it. Easy peasy. And after you have booked your appointment, you will recieve a call from us to verify any additional information needed before our meeting.

Things to do before your consult

In order to maximize your time, make sure to do these things before your appointment.

  •   Have a general idea of your project needs (e.g. 'we want to update our master bath and refresh our bedroom with new furnishings and decor)
  •   Save ideas online or from magazines that showcase styles you prefer. Don't worry if you like multiple styles, there is usually a common thread that we will pick out during our meeting.
  •   Discuss budget with household members in order to discuss at meeting. Whether large or small, there are many creative options to creating amazing spaces. Hiring a designer wil not only save you more money in the long run, but also time and the hassle of trying to do it all yourself.

What to Expect

Ready to get excited? The day of your consultation, we will meet in person at your project location (or another site location if new construction), and go over the deeper details of what you are looking for. This is YOUR 120 minutes to discuss any spaces and design issues, concerns, questions, that you have. We've even been known to rearrange furniture and artwork in existing spaces during consults. Hand sketches, ideas, layout options, furnishing and decor ideas, color palettes and paint colors, fabric selections, etc, are all things that are often discussed and done at client consults. Once our two hours is finished, you will receive all of the notes and sketches, as well as any detailed information discussed via our online design platform. This platform is a secure and private client portal where all of your files are located and project details uploaded. Think of it as your own key to our studio, available whenever you want to grab info, 24-7.

So that's it! Start saving those inspiration images and let us do the rest. And, should you have any questions about booking your consult, feel free to contact us at 910-703-4692, or email at info@canterlaneinteriors.com