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A Day With the Designer

$625 USD

Level of difficulty

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Need a full day with a designer? This time can be used for a multitude of projects; from rearranging your home and re-using your existing items to refresh your spaces to shopping for and setting up accessories and decor, to decorating for the holidays or a party or event. We've got you covered.

Our day with a designer affords clients a full 8 hours of time to be used in one day or split over two days, (e.g. 4 hours for shopping on one day and 4 hours for install and set-up on another).

The great advantage of our Day With the Designer package is that your time is locked in and booked right away, ensuring that your design needs are met more quickly than a traditional timeframe.

Here are some ways to use your package;

  •   Refreshing your home with existing furnishings and decor by having us come in and do some rearranging, reconfiguring, and re-decorating using the items you already have. Many clients love this option because they love their belongings but feel stuck in a design rut and can't figure out how to make them work within the spaces they are housed. Clients love the results!
  •   Getting holiday ready. We will come in and decorate for the holidays or any special event you may be hosting. For this option, we will work together to either use existing decor, or shop for new.
  •   Home organization. Got clutter? We can help! Let us tackle your cluttered spaces and leave you with orginazion heaven!
  •   Shopping for furniture.
  •   Shopping for accessories or decor.

How It Works

  •   Book your package and pay online.  

  •   Select your appointment time from the calendar availability.  

  •   Fill out the questionnaire in detail so that we may come equipped to give you the most bang for your buck.

  •   We will call you to ask any remaining questions and to confirm your appointment.

Get ready to LOVE your spaces!